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Picnic: wine or beer, cod pastries, fruit, brad, spicy sausage, cheese, juice, water, traditional pastry, licor ginjinha and more...).

BBQ: Beer (2 p. person), pork butt or belly, garlic sauce, chicken and sausage.

Note: If weather conditions are not the best (rain)…. don't worry, "we do it" always with the same fun. Nothing can stop us…. Vegetarian food by request.

Picnic – Barbecue

The idea of going on a sightseeing sounds lovely, doesn't it?

So imagine a traditional Portuguese picnic or a BBQ with a fantastic sightseeing around Sintra and Cascais region.

Good food is all about good taste, and good taste is all about fresh food. We only use fresh ingredients and in-season food as much as possible.

we believe in using the best ingredients so that we can be sure of the quality of the food that reaches you.